Different Types of Appeals in India

The appeal is a very significant term in law practice. An appeal is a process in which the party requests for review by a higher authority for a formal change in official decision. Appeals are a means for error correction and a process for clarifying and interpreting the law. There are different types of appeals like High Court appeals, Low Court appeals, PILs, etc.

How Do Appeals Work in India?

If a person feels dissatisfied with the official decision of a Lower Court, they can appeal to the High Court to challenge such a decision. The person to file an appeal can be anyone who is a party to the dispute. In case of loss of life of the character, any legal heir can continue to file such an appeal. In this manner, the order of the subordinate court can be openly challenged in the high court in case of any aggravations. An appellant is a person who makes the appeal or maintains it for a deceased character, and a court where such an appeal is heard is called an appellate court.

Top Qualities of a Successful Appellate Attorney

A verdict is rarely ever the end for lower court cases. The top advocate in Visakhapatnam is someone who can find the chinks in the final verdict and initiate the process of filing an appeal to the High Court. The right lawyer can change the course of your case completely. Here are a few things you need to look for to find a successful appellate attorney.


You want to find the best lawyer in Vizag who has a considerable amount of actual courtroom experience in post-conviction proceedings. An appeal needs to be compelling enough for the appellate court to progress the case further.


The right appellate attorney should be 100% transparent about your odds of achieving an appeal, rather than sugarcoat the truth just to fill their pockets with legal fees.


A successful appellate attorney has excellent communication skills, be it with their clients or when it comes to making an effective appeal for a court case. 

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